iphriday: off the beaten path

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Come walk with Me

 There are several paths I take in my morning walks


but the one which leads me toward the sunlight is my favorite.


And I think of how HE who is the Light is constantly wooing, calling, drawing me to Him.


And how there are times I run toward HIM, my pace fueled by a desperate need.


And other times, I am like a child caught up in playtime, reluctant to give up what has my attention,


And I say, “I am coming,” while still in place or walk toward HIM with my gaze fixed on what I am leaving behind.


But HIS invitation is never withdrawn and, although gentle, HE is relentless in his wooing,”Come. Walk with ME. Life is better in the light and with the LIGHT.” And I am thankful.



Developing Your Eye: Day 5, Connect


Fences are physical boundaries, it is true.
But personal boundaries facilitate connection
because to connect with another person in a healthy manner,
each must be clear where he/she stops and the other begins.
Also, it must be clear what is acceptable and what is not.
“Fences” or personal boundaries promote healthy connection.
© E. Wright, July 2016


Developing Your Eye, Day 3: Water




I thought of capturing the fountain in a small park but it was waterless when I drove by. Also thought of a man-made lake near a local golf course in my town but could not see a place to park which did not require me navigating a somewhat busy street on foot. Then the words, “a cup of water in My name,” came to mind. I recognized it as a phrase from a Scripture verse, which a subsequent search revealed to be Mark 9:41. I decided to photograph a cup of water and placed it outside on my deck as a symbol of the “cups of water” such as hope and encouragement that are desperately needed in our world more than ever now, and which we all can offer, even if only to one person.