nested gifts

The invitation to pick blueberries was a gift, offering a first time experience. What I later discovered were several gifts nested within that gift. Among them were –

a warm welcome in words and a hug from my friend’s mother;

information about my friend’s ancestors who owned the estate since the 1800s;

the feel of raindrops on my hands as I picked the blueberries;

conversations about God with my friend and his mother;

delicious slices of watermelon;

setting a rocking chair in motion and exhaling as I looked over the pastures;

and the sunlight and the flowers and pecans fresh out of their shells offered by friend’s father.

Nested gifts.*

*Based on the nested dolls concept.

context for a moment

You can see the sky in the photo above

but that is not all there was.

Birds flew across my walking path.

There was the train’s whistle and the rumble of the wheels of the carriages being pulled on the tracks.

There was the intermittent hum of traffic, the cadence of my footsteps, and a refreshing breeze.

There is always more to a moment than what you see.