Montage of Memorial Day Images

Roll Call
There at the Memorial Day ceremony
They accepted the invitation to call the names of the fallen
Known personally to each of them

Some, based on their attire, appeared to be ordinary citizens like me
Others based on their attire, were veterans of the Vietnam War
Some voices were clear and strong
Others choked with emotion
Calling out names, each representing one I will never meet

And I wondered
For how many was it the first time to break the silence
And in speaking a single name
Began to speak the unspoken

I wonder
Did speaking that name bring pain
But also release?

They stood together
In combinations of red, white, and blue
He stood with shoulders erect
This white haired, broad shouldered man whose face I never saw
Head sometimes bowed

She stood close and, in the face of words such as
“Some placed their lifes on hold to answer the call”
Gently rubbed his back
Her profile visible as she turned her head to look at him
Sometimes to smile
At other times to lay her head on his shoulder
Always rubbing his back
Offering comfort and affirmation without words

Thank You
He greeted me before the ceremony began
Dressed in a black American Legion cap
White shirt and hair
Black slacks
Warm smile
A gentle touch on my shoulder
As he said, “How are you?”
And paused long enough to hear my response

At the end of the ceremony
He turned to me and asked
“Are you a veteran?”
“No,” I replied
“Thank you, for your support,” he said
And it was hard not to cry as I responded,
“Thank you

© E. Wright 2015

No Idle Threats

Sometimes storm clouds gather
And threaten rain
Then give way to clear skies
Like a seemingly ferocious dog exposed as having all bark but no bite

Not so these storm clouds which have possessed the skies here in recent weeks
They glowered and threatened and delivered
Delivered rain showers in sheets

Accompanied by lightning and thunder
Saturating the earth to overflow
Raising water levels in rivers and their kin

Sometimes storm clouds gather
And threaten rain
Then give way to clear skies
Not so these storm clouds
No idle threats this time

© E. Wright. May 2015

Grief’s Etchings

In the midst of the tasks of an ordinary day
We come face to face with grief
Sometimes unexpectedly
And oh how grief transforms an ordinary day
Marking it forever as, the day when …
Each day is unique, it is true
But grief etches a day, a life
As few experiences can

Written in memory of a co-worker
© E. Wright. May 2015