seeing color on land and at sea

never too close

On an impulse, I held my left hand up and captured the images shared above. The phrase, “Reachimg for the sun,” surfaced within me. And with the words the memory of the story of a man who flew too close to the sun and perished. And I was grateful that there is no such thing as coming too close to God. In fact, we are safest when close to Him. Moreover, He invites us to come to Him. Offers this promise, that when I draw close to Him, He draws close to me. And the reality is that He initiates the procress of erasing any distance between us. There is no such thing as being too close to the Son.

P.S. Do you see a cross in the sunburst? It is God’s incomprehensible love made clearly visible in the agonies of the Cross, that makes it possible for me, for you, for us, to draw close to the Holy God.