Keep walking

I had made the decision to walk so the threatening skies spoke in vain. Yet there was a inner whisper, “What if it rains?” My response? “Ten women walked 100 miles in five days in sleet and snow and rain to honor Harriet Tubman. What if it rains?”

The skies continued to threaten for the first two miles. I kept walking (occasionally taking photos 😊).

At about 2.5 miles or so, the skies stopped threatening and sent a drizzle. I stored my phone in a pocket and pulled my t-shirt over the pocket for added protection. Put on my Penn State sweatshirt and kept walking, enjoying the cool drops on my face.

The skies’ tantrum was mild and short. I kept walking. And noticed this.

And this.

Then this. A rainbow.

Life lesson: It has to rain for a rainbow to appear. I turned my steps toward my home and would you know? It seemed as if the arch of the rainbow was over my house.

I laughed loud with pure joy. I see You, Abba Father. I see You.

Keep walking.