The Future: A Sonnet

The future will come

Shaped by the decisions I am making today

And those I made when today was the future

Will the future  come? Yes.

And while so much of it is unknown

There are somethings of which I can be sure


Of what can I be sure?

I can be sure that love will be there

So will hope and the freedom to choose

Even from a prison cell

So will opportunities

And beauty

And imperfection

And so will You, the Eternal One, Who inhabits the past, present, and future, all at once

Writing 201: Future

Today’s prompt, form, and device: Future. Sonnet. Chiasmus

Ode to a gift

I see you

Stored in the original box, in a dresser drawer

Carefully returned there, each time donned

A four stranded necklace of multicolored pearls

You are cold to the touch

But warm my heart, a token of the love of your giver, my sister


Writing 201: Drawer

Today’s prompt: Drawer. Today’s form: ode. Today’s device: apostrophe (it occurs when the speaker in the poem addresses another person or an object (usually personified) directly.

My mother’s hands

Worn. By the time I knew her and them, brought into this world through her womb and love, they were worn. My mother’s hands. Nails never polished. Sometimes covered with grime. Other times with skin shriveled by dish washing or laundry. Never clenched, even when angry. Constantly closed in prayer. Oh, how she prayed. Often they touched my head as she walked by. A gentle touch that sometimes startled. Conveying me back from wherever books had transported me. Volumes she spoke with her loving touch, without saying a single word. My mother’s hands.

Writing 201: Fingers

Today’s prompt: Fingers. Today’s form: prose poetry. Today’s device: assonance (Not present here. Not even remotely. :-))


Heroes or heroines are not born

They are made

Ordinary ones who chose to be brave

No swords, or brawn, or battle plans

Only choices

Only choices


To not retaliate

To respond with love, not hate

To be faithful to the Cross

Even when it means life lost




To hold on when the going is hard

To value what others discard

To start over with the same person in a broken place



Heroes or heroines are not born

They are made

Ordinary ones who chose to be brave

No swords, or brawn, or battle plans

Only choices

Only choices

Writing 201: Hero(ine)

Today's form: ballad. Today's device: epistrophe (means the repetition of the same word (or cluster of words) at the end of multiple lines of verse in the same poem).


I sit on your knee asleep

My head against your shoulder

Your left arm around my waist

My right hand lost in yours

A firm but gentle hold

Your eyes look directly ahead


A solider on watch


I look at the family photograph

Repeatedly drawn to the little girl

Held by her father

She is relaxed


There is comfort in this image

There is also grief

Has she ever felt that safe in the years since childhood?

No such memory surfaces

 Writing 201: Fog

Today’s prompt: fog. Today’s form: elegy. Today’s device: metaphor.

Trust: Two Poems

Trust me,” she had heard him plead again and again, sometimes with tears.

Remove the armor, step from behind the walls or

Until you can do so

Slowly let me in”

Thankfully, she had trusted her inner knowing, disrobed the wolf and sent him packing

She lived fully clothed for decades
Even donned armor to make sure the desired protection would hold
Her walls made strong, impenetrable
Then he came
“Trust me,” he said again and again
“There is no need for the armor, the walls
Leave them behind
Or at least, as a start, let me in.”
And she did
Opening the door slowly
Until he could enter completely
Shedding a piece of armor at a time
At first primed for rejection
Then slowly relaxing
No disgust shown at what she revealed
Breathing more deeply with each exhaled breath
Beginning to trust
Finally naked, shyly she looked up
His back was receding in the distance
His abrupt goodbye echoing in her ears
Stunned and reaching for her armor,
She heard the words of the Lover within
“Leave, the armor and this place, My beloved.
You are now free to love. Free to run.
In wide open spaces you belong.
Trust Me. Trust you are now who I created you to be.
The process of liberation was hard but now you are free."

Writing 201: Trust

Today’s prompt: trust. Today’s form: acrostic.


She has often dreamed of trips

In the first class cabin of large cruise ships

But accepted has she

That such a journey will never be

For watching waves bent her knees as she heaved

Writing 201: Journey (Day Two)

Today’s word prompt is journey. Today’s form: limerick.

Water: A non-haiku poem followed by a haiku

I remain on the shore

Watching you stretching into the distance

Touching the bottom of the sky

My deep breath flavored with your damp scent

Exhaled slowly

Taking with it the tension

Which had forcefully hunched my shoulders

Knotted the back of my neck

Sweet relief

Vast body of water

Somehow I breathe deeper in your presence

Water: A Haiku

I remain on the shore

You stretch into the distance gently

Cradling the sky

Writing 201: Water (Day One)