#saturdaymornings walks

I decided to extend my walk further down a road that is one of walking paths. It runs parallel to a railway track and I decided to cross the street to take photographs. While taking some of the track and areas around it, l heard the sound of an approaching and took the photographs below with pure glee. I hope you enjoy them. The experience was the second reminder in a few weeks that going off the “beaten path” can, sometimes, bring unexpected rewards.

#saturday morning walks

Instead of turning around at the intersection, as planned, during my Saturday morning walk, I decided to turn right onto the grassy knoll and walk for a bit. To my pleasant surprise, after a few steps, I realized there was an unpaved path along the side of the road. I followed it and found the treasures captured in the photos below. I have lived in this town for more than a decade but today was the first time I found this path. The experience was a reminder that chosing a different path can, sometimes, be very rewarding. #offthebeatenpath