Walking with my father

We were walking together one evening, 
my father and I, 
some time after he had returned from studying in Wisconsin.

I do not remember our destination.
I only recall the joy of accompanying him.

I skipped to keep up with his long strides
as he walked with his cane.
It was only an accessory then.

Decades later, 
we walked together during a visit to the Arlington Cemetery and other sites
he had seen on a previous trip.

Once again, I adjusted my steps to fit his as he walked with a cane,
now leaning heavily on it for support.

I realized he was in pain
and we stopped walking to board a trolley
that wound its way past some of the sights.
I was in pain also as I witnessed my father’s physical decline.

He walked Home without me 
in answer to the Father’s call
more than two decades ago.

I keep walking without my Dad,
accompanied by the Father,
but Dad, I still miss you.

© 2021 E. W. Wright

always gifts

God owes me nothing but ever so often after some activity, a task that needed doing, a mature choice, I sense a prompting to pick up my cellphone and capture an aspect of the outdoors, usually hoping for something sunlit. It feels like a gentle, loving nudge, to pay attention and there are always gifts. Always.

unexpected bouquet

What you will see below are dried stems pulled from a plant and flowers cut from another. I was holding them in one gloved hand about to discard them in a garbage bag when I noticed that what I was about to discard was an unexpected bouquet. I still placed them in the garbage bag but only after taking several photos.😊