Cee’s Which Way Challenge¬†

Gifts from a lunch time walk

First I noticed this:

Then as I continued my walk saw this,

and, with delight and a breath prayer for protection for my exposed ankles, walked closer to take the following photograph.



To conquer,
is to gain mastery over,
Merriam-Webster asserts.
But I also want to vanquish,
to win the battles and the war.
The war against discontent,
against the heavy burden of keeping score,
against the lie that for life to be better,
I need to keep acquiring more.

For I desire a life of gratitude,
fragranced by grace and love,
to daily see the blessings
given by the Father above.
To look at each person
and see Imago Dei.
To appreciate the present moment
instead of letting it slip away,
as I worry about the future
and remain haunted
by what I cannot change.

I know these goals are lofty
and not easily achieved,
but the cost of inactivity makes
worthwhile every effort
to make them reality.

via Daily Prompt: Conquer