Pain’s reach and love’s power

For those who love truly
Pain’s knife is long and its reach wide

A loved one is stabbed
And those who love her also bleed
Sometimes in helplessness
Wanting to cauterize her wound
But unable to do so

So they groan as they bow
And lift her up to the Healer

Pain’s knife is long and its reach broad
Much like an earthquake’s impact
Can be felt far from its epicenter
Its aftershocks continuing beyond the earth’s first heaving

Yes, pain’s knife is long and its reach broad
But love is stronger than death
And love is a balm that flows deep
Into every crevice carved by pain
Healing wounds from the inside out

Not covering it like a band aid
But suturing from the wound’s root to its edges
Bringing wholeness
And strength
And hope
Holding in its hands the promise
“There is an after this
In which pain becomes a memory
And light and colors return
And joy and laughter
And peace”



Accept that you can plan but not always synchronize life events

But you can twirl and laugh in the face of the unknown with courage

Invite others to celebrate your joys, share your sorrows, your uncertainties

And be surprised by how your invitation can illuminate

The longings of their own hearts, the dreams they placed in the “Sometimes-wait” file

Encourage them to keep-at-it in the face of obstacles that seem daunting

Even it means that they need to revise plans as they seek to understand or accept

What crosses and sometimes remains in their path on ordinary days

Love in Ten Sentences

Thank you darlenescorner for the invitation to the Poetry Challenge, “Love in ten sentences.” The poem has ten lines of four words, each containing the word Love. I am to nominate ten people to take the challenge. Here is the poem.

Sometimes love has flames
As highlighted in novels
But flames are not
Foundation stones of love
Giving it enduring stamina
Trust, commitment, and sacrifice
Acts of daily kindness
Mutual respect, common courtesies
Knit hearts, lives together
These elements sustain love

The Lesson of Two Trees

March 20th
According to various websites
This is the day Spring 2015 will begin
One tree in my yard
Seems to have received Spring's memo
And rushed to meet her


Another seems to be giving her a cold shoulder
Holding on to its winter leaves
They seem to teach a lesson
Each blossoms in its time
Accept your difference