Meeting at the wall

We met at the end of a wall
I, sister to more than a few and word lover
On the final leg of my morning walk

He, a pure black Labrador
Out for his morning constitutional?
Or was he just exploring the world?

We met at the end of a wall
Me on the sidewalk
He on the lawn

Seemed like we both paused
Briefly taking each other’s measure
Before he shyly dipped his head and retreated

Only to return to our meeting place after I had moved on
And stand there regally observing the world

© E. Wright, July 2015

Appropriate Response

I saw you as I hit my stride
A blush of pink in an otherwise blue sky

I smiled with anticipation
Knowing that you were a precursor
To the beauty which awaited me
When I rounded the corner
Feet and arms pumping
And I was not disappointed

There ablaze in gold and glory
Was the sunrise
I laughed out loud with joy, wonder, and gratitude
How else could I respond?

E. Wright © July 2015



Sometimes ever the most cursory of glances
this truth –
Something needs to change.

And change involves letting go.
Cleaning house.
and literally.

The multipart question then is

Change will not occur until I answer.
Begin the process
and complete it.
Obstacles and tears, notwithstanding.

© E. Wright 2015

The prompt for this piece was a “Remove” sign painted on a sidewalk which is being repaired on the main street closest to my home.