nested gifts

The invitation to pick blueberries was a gift, offering a first time experience. What I later discovered were several gifts nested within that gift. Among them were –

a warm welcome in words and a hug from my friend’s mother;

information about my friend’s ancestors who owned the estate since the 1800s;

the feel of raindrops on my hands as I picked the blueberries;

conversations about God with my friend and his mother;

delicious slices of watermelon;

setting a rocking chair in motion and exhaling as I looked over the pastures;

and the sunlight and the flowers and pecans fresh out of their shells offered by friend’s father.

Nested gifts.*

*Based on the nested dolls concept.

noticing God’s gifts

I thought it wonderful that, after a weekend that included a heat index of 108, God would gift me with 67 degrees temperatures for my morning walk. Then I took a deep breath and recognized the ability to do so as a gift. And felt the cool dew on my feet as I moved through the grass. And noticed the sunbursts and the flowers. All gifts from a loving, generous Father.


Of the choices I had after arriving home from work, two had my attention: go for a walk or complete mowing the yard in preparation for the weed and feed product. I chose the latter and felt rewarded for my labor by these images.😃

raindrops on roses

The pop of color against the overcast hue of the day, drew me into my backyard, cellphone in hand to take a photograph. Noticing the raindrops on the roses and having these lyrics,”Rain drops on roses,” come to mind, made me laugh out loud with joy. A rainy day gift. Thank You, Father.

Come walk with Me

 There are several paths I take in my morning walks


but the one which leads me toward the sunlight is my favorite.


And I think of how HE who is the Light is constantly wooing, calling, drawing me to Him.


And how there are times I run toward HIM, my pace fueled by a desperate need.


And other times, I am like a child caught up in playtime, reluctant to give up what has my attention,


And I say, “I am coming,” while still in place or walk toward HIM with my gaze fixed on what I am leaving behind.


But HIS invitation is never withdrawn and, although gentle, HE is relentless in his wooing,”Come. Walk with ME. Life is better in the light and with the LIGHT.” And I am thankful.