#saturday morning walks

Instead of turning around at the intersection, as planned, during my Saturday morning walk, I decided to turn right onto the grassy knoll and walk for a bit. To my pleasant surprise, after a few steps, I realized there was an unpaved path along the side of the road. I followed it and found the treasures captured in the photos below. I have lived in this town for more than a decade but today was the first time I found this path. The experience was a reminder that chosing a different path can, sometimes, be very rewarding. #offthebeatenpath

Green leaves and a weathered fence


Noticed these green leaves on an almost completely bare vine, attached to a weathered fence. May you continue to notice the good in 2017 and, to borrow words from the song, “When the fight calls,” not let the storms which come your way “weather your heart” or “the darkness beat you down.”