Musing on a rainy day

It is raining
And I feel my pace slowing

There are tasks to complete
But I am being seduced by the prospect of just being
While wrapped in soft clothing and contentment
Savoring only foods which warm
Like soups
And a well brewed cup of tea
In my favorite mug

It is raining and I am slowing
And smiling deep

© E. Wright. April 2015

A Plea

Dear Sleep,

Could you stay the night, please?
For months now, you have been slipping away
Just a few hours after you arrive.
I long to have you hold me again,
As you used to for most of my life,
All through the night.

Missing you,
Deprived one

© E. Wright. April 2015


To return an item
Or refuse a gift
Is not an unknown act

It could be that we changed our mind
Or did not like the color, shape, or fit

But what happens when that gift is you?
And the refusal or return is without explanation
Or accompanied with one that seems lame, insincere, demeaning?

Your worth is inherent in your being
Not in how others value or attempt to devalue you

© E. Wright. April 2015

Early morning encounters

Some are distant
like the hum of traffic
going in my direction
and moving away from me

Some are more intimate
like the touch of early morning dew
on my ankles as I walk briskly
through portions of grass that have over run
the pavement

Or the pleasure of knowing
I am walking faster than before
Or the slight ache of my right ankle
that seems to be present on one specific path
And the kiss of the cooling breeze on my cheek

Then there is the eye contact with a ginger tabby
lying in the grass
near the sign of the SignPro business

Early morning encounters
which bring a slow smile
in the remembering

© E. Wright. April 2015

Redemption’s Cost

Unimaginable glory laid aside
Human flesh and vulnerability donned
The Creator among His creation
Submission to earthly parents
Leaving when the time came

Appearing to be baptized of John
Driven into the wilderness
40 days of fasting
Tempted throughout
“If you are the Son of God, do.”
“Worship me and I will give.”
Responding with the Word

Father’s business
Saying only His words
Doing only His works
Rejection by those He came to save
Name calling
Friend of tax collectors and other sinners
Character questioned
Threatened with death

Wrestling in Gethsemane
Capillaries bursting under the strain
Wrestling with what had to be done to redeem us
“If it is possible, let this cup pass”
“Your will, not Mine”

Knowing completely all that would happen
But face set as a flint
Stepping forward
The kiss of betrayal

Fake trial
Outcome long determined
Crown of thorns
Beaten beyond recognition
Face disfigured
Body marred more than any other man

Pain wracked bloodied
Carrying His cross up Golgotha’s hill
Simon of Cyrene conscripted
The nails
The agony of breathing
The mocking taunts of those who passed by
“Save yourself”
“Come down from the cross if you are the Son of God”
The mocking of the justly condemned thief
“Save yourself and us”

The anguish of feeling forsaken
Letting go of the relationship with the one who bore Him
“Woman, behold your son”
“Behold your mother”

Praying for forgiveness for the mockers
For those crucifying Him
The thirst
“It is finished”
And the releasing, the yielding of His spirit

Redemption was free…for the redeemed
Beyond any human’s ability to pay, for the Redeemer

Ingesting Beauty

Sometimes on my walks
I take a shot of beauty
At other times
I take a sip
And savor

But unlike a connoisseur
At a wine tasting event
I do not politely spit out what I have sipped
Washing out my mouth in preparation for the next offering

Not so
I swallow beauty
Allowing gratitude to move it through my being
Giving sustenance to my soul