Recent days have been accompanied
by a weariness of soul,
a heaviness of spirit,
the result I am sure
of a barrage of bad news
that include
close friends losing sisters
amidst all that is the ongoing pandemic.

The bouts are lifted
by communion with God,
a beloved sibling,
and dear friends,
but return.

I stepped into the backyard
to water the plants
and was once again
gifted by beauty close at hand.
I am convinced,
from my heavenly Father
that He sees
and knows
and cares.

not disappointed

Aware that it had been a while since I captured beauty, I took my cell phone as I walked outdoors to water plants in my backyard, hoping to notice something worth capturing. I was not disappointed.

reward 4 my labor

The weather app information made me rethink my plan to mow my backyard. I made the decision to at least try, knowing I had the option to retreat indoors if the heat was too much. To my pleasant surprise, it was overcast with a cooling breeze. The combination allowed me to mow as much of the yard as I wanted (which was about 3/4s of it). My labor was rewarded with the images below.☺️