Collage of Saturday Morning Images


At day’s end

I walked into my kitchen with dinner dishes destined for the sink and noticed the following images painted on a portion of my refrigerator and the door of the pantry near by, by the sun’s rays. Unexpected beauty at the day’s end.



Driving by in my car
Waiting at a traffic light
Sitting in slow moving traffic
I have watched them

Those whose movements are a thing of beauty
Long, even strides
Body upright
Limbs loose
I have watched and smiled, even nodded in admiration

Others seem clumsy
Limbs uncoordinated
As if seconds away from tripping over their own feet
Chests heaving
I have watched and smiled, amused

But both groups are runners
And I, sitting in my car
Am a spectator
Not a runner

E. Wright © September, 2015