Daily Prompt: Retrospective



an art exhibit showing an entire phase or representative examples of an artist’s lifework.

any exhibition or series of showings or performances, as of musical works or motion pictures, representing the work of an artist or performer over all or a major part of a career

Has there ever been an exhibition of a single item? Wikipedia’s definition of an exhibition, “an organised presentation and display of a selection of items,” suggests that the correct answer is, “No.”

I take note of the fact that all of the work of the artist or performer is not included in the exhibition. What is shown are items that are representative of the artist or performer’s work “over all or a major part” of his or her career. This infers that there are criteria that is used to determine what works are representative of the person’s body of work.

I think of the fact that the style which distinguishes the performer or artist from others, developed over time. In addition, producing a body of work demanded, among other things, dedication and perseverance. I imagine there were times that the artist or performer was discouraged, maybe even give up but we know that he or she returned to the work long enough to make an exhibition possible.

Whether or not we consider ourselves artists or performers, each of us is producing “a body of work” with our daily choices, words, and behaviors.  And our “body of work” is on display in some manner. Are we producing a “body of work” that is representative of the person we believe ourselves to be, our authentic selves?

A post based on the Daily Post’s prompt, “Retrospective.”

The definitions of “Retrospective” are from dictionary.com.



let’s go down to the river

CWW Photo Challenge

Participating in Cee’s Which Way challenge. “This Which Way challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. we move from one place to another on.”

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