I enjoy peppers in salads, stir fried with ginger, and in other foods, and they are usually in my cart when I am grocery shopping. At some point last year, I decided to begin saving the seeds and try growing peppers this spring. Although I did not plant them in the spring, as I intended, I eventually sowed the dried seeds from several peppers in a container. Over the weeks, I observed, with pleasure, the growth from seedlings to full grown plants. I was fist pumping excited when I noticed flowers, then tiny peppers which increased in size.

My problem was, I could not remember whether I had planted green, yellow, or red peppers, having omitted to tag the seeds when I saved them.  All the peppers were green as they grew (bear with me you seasoned gardeners with your ultra green thumbs; I can hear your snickering). Then one day, a bit of color caught my eyes among all the green. I moved the leaves aside and saw this.


I felt a mixture of wonder and excitement. I was witnessing a transformation. Today, approximately a week later, I saw the final version. WP_20151009_16_00_43_ProTransformation takes time, patience, and nurturing, but the outcome makes it all worthwhile.


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