A thing for sunlight

I have a thing for you, sunlight
A thing that is currently unnamed

But I do love your gentle, warmth on my face
Warmth which often feels like a kiss or caress
Warmth for which I reach and lean into whenever the opportunity arises
Warmth which seems enhanced through window panes on cold winter days

I unabashedly admit I love how you present yourself in early mornings, sunlight
Dressed in pinks, and light yellows, and diverse hues
Turning the skies into a breath stealing panorama

I watch in wonder as tree tops, lawns, walls, weather beaten fences, sometimes a single flower
Become your palette throughout the day
Transformed by your passage
And I am deeply moved by your goodbyes at the end of the day

Yes, I have a thing for you, sunlight
And how you turn my inner eyes toward and swell my heart with gratitude
For the One Who made you and all things

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