She has often dreamed of trips

In the first class cabin of large cruise ships

But accepted has she

That such a journey will never be

For watching waves bent her knees as she heaved

Writing 201: Journey (Day Two)

Today’s word prompt is journey. Today’s form: limerick.


Water: A non-haiku poem followed by a haiku

I remain on the shore

Watching you stretching into the distance

Touching the bottom of the sky

My deep breath flavored with your damp scent

Exhaled slowly

Taking with it the tension

Which had forcefully hunched my shoulders

Knotted the back of my neck

Sweet relief

Vast body of water

Somehow I breathe deeper in your presence

Water: A Haiku

I remain on the shore

You stretch into the distance gently

Cradling the sky

Writing 201: Water (Day One)