Trust: Two Poems

Trust me,” she had heard him plead again and again, sometimes with tears.

Remove the armor, step from behind the walls or

Until you can do so

Slowly let me in”

Thankfully, she had trusted her inner knowing, disrobed the wolf and sent him packing

She lived fully clothed for decades
Even donned armor to make sure the desired protection would hold
Her walls made strong, impenetrable
Then he came
“Trust me,” he said again and again
“There is no need for the armor, the walls
Leave them behind
Or at least, as a start, let me in.”
And she did
Opening the door slowly
Until he could enter completely
Shedding a piece of armor at a time
At first primed for rejection
Then slowly relaxing
No disgust shown at what she revealed
Breathing more deeply with each exhaled breath
Beginning to trust
Finally naked, shyly she looked up
His back was receding in the distance
His abrupt goodbye echoing in her ears
Stunned and reaching for her armor,
She heard the words of the Lover within
“Leave, the armor and this place, My beloved.
You are now free to love. Free to run.
In wide open spaces you belong.
Trust Me. Trust you are now who I created you to be.
The process of liberation was hard but now you are free."

Writing 201: Trust

Today’s prompt: trust. Today’s form: acrostic.

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