Writing 101: Death to adverbs

The Daily Post writing challenge: Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.

He rules the courtyard, talons curled, wings outspread, perched atop a base composed of one layer of iron and the second of stone. A fountain gushes from the middle of the base.  One spout aims for the top of the base but, failing in its endeavor, falls and slips into the circular pool below. Another spout trickles over the left side to join the first in the pool.The sound of the water energizes more than soothes. Four boulders crouch in the pool: two paired and one on each side of the couple.

The six foot, charcoal colored, iron eagle gazes down at the pool but seems oblivious to the surroundings. His visage is fierce as if his thoughts are on matters that will require force and precision. As if there is an enemy who had dared to challenge the eagle’s authority and has to be annihilated. His curved beak rests on his chest.

The courtyard has eight benches, including the one on which I sit. The seat of each bench appears rusted but the finger I swiped across the seat bears no evidence of rust. The frame of each bench is black in some areas and a mixture of grey and black in others, where the elements have taken a toll. The benches are also in pairs with varying distances between each partner, as if the partners share different levels of intimacy.

The benches are on the border of a path composed of embedded river pebbles, framed by a combination of red pavers and brick.  A garbage can is housed in a container constructed with the same river pebbles as the path. Its half dome-shaped, light grey plastic cover has a front opening.

Shrubs and plants of different kinds, reside in beds covered with light brown mulch in the middle, and edged with small rocks.

The blazing heat of the midday sun and the end of my lunch break bring this writing episode to an end. Their combined powers boot me out of this courtyard and order me back to my office.


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