Secret Admirers

Today’s writing prompt from The Daily Post:You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?”

It was there on the back patio when I returned home. A bouquet of pink alstroemerias, dark red carnations, white gladiolas, and a single yellow rose, surrounded by baby breath flowers. No card attached. None was needed. I have received this identical bouquet from my “ride-or-die-front-line” friend on my birthday, for the past 10 years. Our tradition of having lunch on each of our birthdays had become impossible since my move to Texas. She substituted that tradition with this one.

The first bouquet she sent included a card with a note that explained the meaning of each flower: allstoremerias represented friendship and devotion and its leaves, which grow upside down, twisting as they grow out from the stem, symbolized the twists, turns and growth of our friendship. The dark red carnations spoke of our mutual deep love and affection which had developed over the years. The single yellow rose was a symbol of the uniqueness of our friendship. The baby breath flowers were included because, somewhere during the early “getting to you know” season of our friendship, I had mentioned how much I liked them. I smiled as I reached for my cell phone to call her, thankful once again for my dearest of friends and the fact that our friendship continued to thrive, despite the physical distance  separating us.


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