Writing 101, Day 4: The Serial Killer

Assignment: Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

My sister, W, the fourth of 10 daughters, give it to me the day of my graduation from college. It was a circular, yellow gold bracelet, about a quarter inch wide, with a horseshoe shaped hook. She give it to me with a smile and the explanation that this style of bracelet represented good fortune.  Good fortune. In the giving, she was also sharing her hope for me and a blessing. I wore it on varied occasions, complementing outfits that ranged from the casual t-shirt and jeans to suits. And I do not believe I ever placed it on my arm, usually my left one, without thinking of my sister, W.

I cannot remember the day of the week or the date when I lost it but I recall the sinking sensation in my stomach, the disbelief, when after searching, first calmly, then in a panic, I could not find the bracelet. I   had removed it from my jewelry box and placed it on the bed, next to the suit I was going to wear that day.  After completing other tasks related to getting dressed, I looked for the bracelet but could not see it. I picked up the suit, shook it out, checked the sleeves of the jacket, then the legs of the slacks. Lifted up pillows, reached my hands down the side of the bed. Moved the bed. Knelt and ran my hands carefully along the side of the carpet, following the movement of my hands with my eyes, hoping I would see it before I felt it.  Pulled up the bed skirt to peer under the bed. Nothing. I feel sad even now as I write and I know it was not the monetary value that I mourn but what the bracelet represented to my sister in her giving and to me as I received it.

To this day, I remain puzzled about the bracelet’s  disappearance and have not told my sister of its loss. Perhaps it is because I still have hope that I will find it, although I moved from that town house over three years ago.


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